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Ancestral Trails: Complete Guide to British Genealogy and Family History

Author: Mark D. Herber

ISBN: 0750935103 (HB)

Publisher: Sutton Publishing (Jan-01)

List Price: £30.00
Our Price:
£24 .00

This brilliant and thorough guide will help anybody trace their British ancestry. It details which sources to use and how. 2nd Edition, revised and updated.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Author: Dan Wadell

ISBN: 0563521945 (PB)

Publisher: BBC Books (Oct-04 )

List Price: £12.99
Our Price: £10.39

A spin off from the BBC2 series that shows celebrities tracing their heritage. The book features practical information about you can investigate your own family history.

The Genealogist's Internet

Author: Peter Christian

ISBN: 1903365465 (PB)

Publisher: National Archives (Sept-03 )

List Price: £10.99
Our Price:

Shows you how to investigate your genealogy on the Internet. In contrast with other pulications on this subject, this title does not have a US bias. This book starts by explaining how the Internet works for the beginner. It continues by detailing the major sources of primary data available to family historians online and highlights the most helpful directories and gateways. Use it to contact others with the same surname or to access the numerous forums, discussion groups, mailing lists and newsgroups focusing on genealogy. The revised, second edition.

Making Use of the Census

Author: Susan Lumas

ISBN: 190336535X (PB)

Publisher: National Archives (Feb-02 )

List Price: £8.99
Our Price:
£ 7.19

This fourth edition is published to coincide with the release of the 1901 census. Lumas demystifies the records that family historians use most.

Army Service Records of the First World War

Author: William Spencer

ISBN: 1903365236 (PB)

Publisher: National Archives (Aug-01 )

List Price: £9.99
Our Price:

The expanded, third edition of this best-selling guide that now incorporates all personnel working in the army during World War One. Includes the records from the British Army Nurses and Indian Army.

Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Records Office

Author: Amanda Bevan

ISBN: 1903365341 (PB)

Publisher: National Archives (Apr-02 )

List Price: £15.99
Our Price:
£ 12.79

A must have for anybody tracing their ancestors through the government and court records held at the Public Records Office. Comprehensive and easily accessible.

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry

Author: Kathleen B. Cory

ISBN: 0954407571 (PB)

Publisher: Birlinn (May-04 )

List Price: £9.99
Our Price:

Foreword by Gordon Donaldson. First published in 1990, Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry quickly established itself as the classic introduction to the subject; this third edition has been expanded by 30 per cent by distinguished genealogist Leslie Hodgson. The record keeping system in Scotland is different from England and Wales. This is the perfect guide for anybody investigating their Scottish ancestry.


Maps for Family and Local History

Author: William Foot

ISBN: 1903365503 (PB)

Publisher: National Archives (Aug-01 )

List Price: £12.99
Our Price:

A selection of maps from the National Archives that will be of great interest to local and family research.

The Dictionary of Genealogy

Author: Terrick V.H. Fitzhugh

ISBN: 0713648597 (HB)

Publisher: A&C Black (Apr-98)

List Price: £24.99
Our Price:

The fifth edition of this valuable reference work. It informs both experienced and novice family historians on subjects such as the legal system, religious practice, education, topography, migration, how to use archives, the origins of surnames.

The Female Line

Author: Margaret Ward

ISBN: 1853068187 (PB)

Publisher: Countryside Books (Mar-03 )

List Price: £7.95
Our Price:

A step-by-step guide to the research of female relatives when preparing a family tree. Topics include Merry Wives, Relicts and Old Virgins, Women at Work, in Society and at war. Illustrated.

Writing Up Your Family History

Author: John Titford

ISBN: 1853068225 (PB)

Publisher: Countryside Books (Nov-03 )

List Price: £6.95
Our Price:

A new up-dated edition of this classic guide to the collecting and arranging of family history material. Illustrated.

Are We Related?

Author: Eve McLaughlin

ISBN: 1853067415 (PB)

Publisher: Countryside Books (Nov-02 )

List Price: £7.95
Our Price:

This highly readable book is the ideal guide for anyone who suspects they may have famous ancestors - whether Kings, Royal mistresses, Generals, Barons of Industry, Landed gentry or Train Robbers. Illustrated.

Searching for Surnames

Author: John Titford

ISBN: 1853067652 (PB)

Publisher: Countryside Books (Sept-02 )

List Price: £11.95
Our Price:

In an age when records were treated with suspicion and many people could not read or write it was common for surnames to be mis-spelt or even changed altogether. This comprehensive and readable guide to the subject will prove invaluable to all family historians.

The Joys of Family History

Author: David Hey

ISBN: 1903365619 (HB)

Publisher: National Archives (Apr-04 )

List Price: £30.00
Our Price:

This guide from the National Archives shows you how to search for and find out about your ancestors. This major new family history publication goes further than most, recognising that the business of establishing lines of descent is enriched by the exploration of ancestral times. It is essentially two books in one; the ingenious format combines genealogical guidance with social history sections in full colour.

Family History Starter Pack

Author: Simon Fowler

ISBN: 1903365694 (PB)

Publisher: National Archives (Mar-03 )

List Price: £9.99
Our Price:

An information booklet that tells you how to delve into your family history, what sources to consult and the pitfalls to avoid.Comes with 22 record sheets for you to organise your findings.


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